Wednesday, 10 December 2014

No1 M.A.C Winter colour

I am such a MAC fan, and I cant rave about it enough! It was the first "upmarket" makeup I ever bought and I will never look back! The quality never lets me down and the colour selection always exceeds my needs. So when I started looking for my winter shades, the first counter I visited was MAC. I had heard a lot of good reports on the shade MAC Rebel last year, but just didn't think the style would suit me due to my VERY pale complexion. However recently I had been getting bored with the lighter colours that I had been using as my safety blanket, and decided to broaden my horizons and enter into the world of berry tones! I know, I know... I've only just entered the world of beautiful dark tones but I was stuck in my way. So as I'm browsing over the beautiful colours at the MAC counter my eyes stumble across Rebel, and love was discovered.
This shade is stunning. with It's dark tones I expected it to be a very dark purple, slightly like MACs Living legend, but instead I was wowed with beautiful dark pink undertones that can allow for a stunning ombre look on the lips. Its a very bold, unique colour and I was apprehensive due to my complexion but I had nothing to fear! Honestly, this lipstick (personally to me) made everything look better! My eyes were brighter, my skin more glowing and it made my whole makeup look stand out. I honestly couldn't recommend this shade more, and MAC lipsticks in general... Christmas is coming and MAC makes a gorgeous present...!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Benefit is fast becoming such an essential in my makeup collection and for so many good reasons!
The quality is absolutely gorgeous - long lasting and looks beautiful on!
My most recent benefit purchase was a set with two lollibalms and two benitints.

These balms shocked me with there smooth application but also the tinted colour as well. Also that beautiful packaging!?! I personally am a sucker for something that is presented well - if its pretty I want it!
I've heard loads about the bene-tint but never really thought about trying it out until now. For me personally I like a strong lip colour and the tint does exactly what it says on the tin... tint the lips. However it works really well for a natural look when you want a light layer of makeup.
These benefit beauties all came in a little Christmas kit and is so perfect for a Christmas present... However I'm too impatient to wait for Santa so I got myself a naughty little treat!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Day of the dead

Got a bit creative and decided to do a day of the dead inspired makeup look! I'm actually in love with it! I wish I could look like this all the time - however I think I'd get quite a few strange looks....

Friday, 14 November 2014

Highstreet or upmarket foundation?

Foundation has always been a difficulty for me as I have never really found "the one" that is perfect for me. I jump from foundation to foundation, trying to find the one that works well for my skin type, but have never been that lucky until recently.
I would say that although I'm not prone to spots, I do have quite oily skin, and It's always been a nightmare trying to get a foundation that stays on and doesn't let me get all shiny! So I decided to give a few foundations a little test... I wanted to compare a couple of popular highstreet brands against a popular upmarket brand. So I picked these:
Boujois healthy mix serum in shade 52 vanilla
Rimmel wake me up in shade 100 ivory
Estee Lauder double wear 1N1 Ivory nude
These are the foundations that I'll always at one point be wearing but there is quite a price difference between the Bourjois and Rimmel, compared with the Estee Lauder foundation and it made me think about whether the up market foundation was worth the money I was spending?
Starting with Bourjois - it makes a lot of promises! As a high street brand I've always been impressed with the quality of Boujois' products and the foundation was the same. However, this particular foundation claims to be a 16hr radiance boosting, even, revived complexion. I'm not sure how bourjois got to their 16hr calculation but it certainly isn't correct. whenever I'm wearing this foundation I'm constantly having to top it up and that's a lot of hassle when your on the go!
Rimmel excelled my expectations in this foundation! The anti-fatigue effect and radiance glow peptides made my skin glow! However - again the lasting effects of this foundation disappointed, and I had to repeated top it up throughout the day.
The Estee Lauder foundation however, impressed me so much! It is a very heavy foundation but it makes you look absolutely flawless! And its lasting abilities fulfilled every need possible! The colour variations allowed for me to match my skin perfectly and it really didn't disappoint. the only downside of this foundation is its quite pricy... 
I honestly wanted to hold out hope for the highstreet brands but unfortunately they couldn't compare to Estee Lauder - I think I've finally found my foundation!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Is M.A.C the way forward?

As I've gotten older I've started to appreciate the quality between different brands of make up and MAC have always impressed me! So I decided to start investing in the MAC pro pallet eye shadows. Whenever I buy pallets I never use all of the colours - there's always that one colour that just doesn't appeal to me and gets left neglected and rejected as the rest get used up... in some cases I use only a few select colours and leave the rest as they don't work for me.
 I personally feel like that is such a waste of perfectly good makeup and money, so when I discovered the MAC pro pallet eye shadows I loved the concept. The Idea of personally creating a pallet which is tailored to your own look really appeals to me and MACs eye shadows are absolutely gorgeous!
The newest shade I have just bought is Cranberry - a beautiful shade which is perfect around Christmas time along with other darker berry tones.